Creating a customized score in Finale

In this Finale tutorial I show you how to create this 8 bar contemporary music score featuring a rhythm section, a staff with a 3 part polyphonic vocal arrangement, flute, violin and cello.

It features the following Finale topics:

  • Fit Measures
  • Adding instrument staves with the score manager
  • Entering music with the Speedy Entry Tool
  • Entering dynamics and smart shapes
  • Entering polyphonic music into one staff with layer 1 and 2
  • Copying individual layers,
  • exploding music onto separate staves
  • Copying music
  • Using staff styles to create slash notation, rhythmic notation, one bar and two bar repeats,
  • Adjusting the layout of your score
  • Customizing measure numbers
  • Entering rehearsal measure numbers

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