Category: Creating music with Logic Pro X

  • Changing-Audio-Loops


    In this video tutorial you learn how you can use an audio bass apple loop to create your own unique bass line. This video will show you audio region editing techniques you can apply to anything that involves audio region editing in logic Pro.

  • Quantizing Midi with Logic’s Score Editor

    Quantizing Midi with Logic’s Score Editor Logic Pro x’s score editor does an amazing job in translating our midi performance into music notation. what is important to know though is that quantizing the score view does not effect the actual Midi events, thus is not changing what we hear. However, Logic offers a way to…

  • Screensets In Logic Pro X

    Note: This aricle is designed to complement my video tutorialĀ <Screensets in Logic Pro X> that you can find below. BeĀ sure you read the article at least up to the video before watching it, because it includes information not included in the video. INTRODUCTION Screensets is arguably one of the coolest features of Logic Pro X.…

  • How to explode individual drum parts to separate tracks for processing in Logic X

    In this article you will learn how to explode the individual drum parts from a region onto separate tracks in Logic X for individual processing. This article is mostly a transcription of the training video posted below. Let me explain why you would want to do this. Let’s say you just created a great drum…