Exporting Parts as Audio files in Finale

This video tutorial on exporting parts I speciffically created for my Fundamentals of Arranging class at Columbia College Chicago.

At the time, some of my students had problems when they transferred their Finale file from the lab computer to their own computer. What happened was that they couldn’t hear the tracks play anymore. Possibly because their version of Finale’s playback sample library was different from that on the lab computers.

Anyway, in this video tutorial I show how they can get those parts to play back again, by creating new staves and then simply copying the music into those new staves.

In the video I also show who you can export the individual staves as audio files.

See, Finale has a great playback engine that incorporates all the dynamics, many of the text expressions, phrase marks, tempo markings, and much more. I use this for example to create nice sounding demos of my score by exporting each part for further processing it Protools or Logic.

Make sure you spend some time exploring this workflow. It’s well worth your time.


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