How to explode individual drum parts to separate tracks for processing in Logic X

In this article you will learn how to explode the individual drum parts from a region onto separate tracks in Logic X for individual processing. This article is mostly a transcription of the training video posted below.

Let me explain why you would want to do this. Let’s say you just created a great drum track. All those midi events do now show up in one region on one track. This means you can only process all the drum sounds together. Most engineers however like to have control over each individual drum sound, in the same way they have control over each track of a multi track recording of a real drum set.

To be able to process the kick, snare, hi-hat and other drum sounds individually we need to put each drum sound on a separate region on a track that has it’s own channel strip.

With the “separate by note pitch” command we can make logic do this for us in one simple step. The best way to get to the command is by doing a right-click on the drum region you want to process. This will open the contextual menu. Scroll down to “midi” and select the “separate by note pitch” command from the midi sub menu.

Logic will then create new regions for each individual drum sound along with new tracks for those regions. However, those tracks use the same channel strip as you can see in the mixer where you will find only one channel strip for all those newly created tracks.

That’s why we have to create new tracks with individual channel strips and then move each region to it’s corresponding track.

To create new tracks with each having it’s unique channel strip assigned to it click on the duplicate track button here after selecting the drum track. With each click you create a new track with a new channel strip that has the same settings then the parent track.

All you have to do now is move each region to it’s corresponding track.

Let’s solo some of the individual drum part to make sure it worked. As you can see and hear it did work. You can process each drum sound to your liking.

Please get back to me with any questions or suggestions. Also, if you know of a faster way to achier the same goal please let me know.

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