Finale Rhythm-Chart

In this Finale Notation training video you learn how to create a rhythm section chart that looks handwritten, with slashes, rhythmic notation, chord symbols, first and second ending, rehearsal numbers, and more.


2 responses to “Finale Rhythm-Chart”

  1. Just want to know how to place a rhythmic notation on higher position or lower on the staff to distinguish that the notes are treble or bass as indicated in guitar strumming pattern ( the lower the position of the rhytmic notation represents bass strings (4-6) while the higher position represents treble strings (1-3).

    • This is tricky. I would create a second staff and apply and create a staff style set to hiding staff lines and barlines, and rhythmic notation checked. This way you can also use the resize tool (%) to make the rhythmic notation smaller. You can then place this staff with the staff tool above or below your main staff.

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