Selecting Tools in Finale

Selecting tools in Finale and switching quickly back and forth between them is one of the most important tasks when working in Finale. There are many ways of doing that, some faster then others.

This article and the included video tutorial is all about that.

The Finale enginiers offer many ways of selecting tools, but the most important one they missed, which is to give us users the freedom to program a key command of our choice for all the tool. This said, they give us 8 specific keys we can use for that, but that’s very limited, and on top of that, they are stored with the document, instead in the program preferences.

Simply put, when it comes to key commands, Finale lives still in the stone age. For 25 years now! How much longer will we have to wait?


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  1. Thank you. I am studying your videos to help me edit the accompaniment to a song that a colleague wrote but cannot get on paper. The aria is very pretty and we have a singer, but getting something an accompanist across the globe can use is proving very challenging. I think your teaching will help me (though I am only a guitar strummer and ex-trumpet player

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