Author: Thomas Gunther

  • Finale Re-pitch Tool

    Why the Re-pitch Tool is so amazing With Finale’s Re-pitch Tool we can quickly harmonize a given melody by just playing different pitches on the midi keyboard. Every time we play a note Finale jumps to the next note skipping over rests while keeping the same note value. Watch the video

  • Changing-Audio-Loops


    In this video tutorial you learn how you can use an audio bass apple loop to create your own unique bass line. This video will show you audio region editing techniques you can apply to anything that involves audio region editing in logic Pro.

  • Finale Rhythm-Chart

    Finale Rhythm-Chart

    In this Finale Notation training video you learn how to create a rhythm section chart that looks handwritten, with slashes, rhythmic notation, chord symbols, first and second ending, rehearsal numbers, and more.  

  • Creating a customized score in Finale

    In this Finale tutorial I show you how to create this 8 bar contemporary music score featuring a rhythm section, a staff with a 3 part polyphonic vocal arrangement, flute, violin and cello. It features the following Finale topics: Fit Measures Adding instrument staves with the score manager Entering music with the Speedy Entry Tool…

  • Quantizing Midi with Logic’s Score Editor

    Quantizing Midi with Logic’s Score Editor Logic Pro x’s score editor does an amazing job in translating our midi performance into music notation. what is important to know though is that quantizing the score view does not effect the actual Midi events, thus is not changing what we hear. However, Logic offers a way to…

  • Change Chord suffix

    How to change a chord suffix in Finale? Finale let’s you customize pretty much everything. This includes of course chord symbols. In the following video tutorial I show you how we can change a chord’s suffix, specifically the suffix for major-major seventh chords. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. (If you have any questions please use the command field below.)

  • Spacing Staff Systems

    How to space and organize staves and staff systems in Finale In Finale, spacing staff systems and staves on the page is one of the most important things you do when preparing your music for print. Finale’s page layout tool and staff tool help you do just that. You can move your staves and systems…

  • Page Layout in Finale

    Being able to create a nice page layout in Finale is one of the most important skills you can ever have when preparing your music for print. There are many things you need to know before you master the kraft of laying out a score and part in Finale. I hope the information provided in this…

  • Finale Lyrics Tool

    How to Click-assign lyrics with the Finale Lyrics Tool When you already have the lyrics in your computer as editable text, you can easily input them into your score with Finale’s lyrics click-assign feature. This may save you lots of time! In this video tutorial you will learn How to copy the lyrics into the Lyrics…

  • How to Enter Dynamics in Finale

    Lern how to enter Dynamics in Finale with the Expression and Smart Shape Tools This video tutorial shows how to enter dynamics with Finale’s expression and smart shape tools. Learn how to Click assign a dynamic using the predefined key commands Draw crescendos and decrescendos with the smart shape tool Pick a dynamic from the…